Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i don't want to wait

Let me start by saying for my 16th birthday my friends bought me the following: Joshua Jackson poster, Joshua Jackson book, poster collage of magazine articles about Joshua Jackson, notebook collage of smaller items about Joshua Jackson. I LOVE JOSHUA JACKSON. My love for him > my love for Jason Mraz. Now do you see?

The Dawson's Creek soundtrack is still in my car and occasionally makes an appearance. I will not apologize.

Everything I learned about how I want a boy to kiss me (see above) I learned from Pacey Witter. There's a reason she picked him in the end. Look at it! Dawson is a whiny douche. Pacey is where its at. My love for this show is like the love I have for the first boy who really kissed me. It's all warm and fuzzy and nostalgic and teenage giggly.

Dawson's Creek The Complete Series went on sale today and though I do not have $160 to spend so frivolously now, I will buy this eventually. And I will soak up every Joey and Pacey filled minute.

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